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Change - Same As It Never Was (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Same As It Never Was featuring Othello
2. Real Lyricists
3. Mount Up
4. Doing It Right featuring Braille
5. Savior
6. For The Money
7. Broken My… featuring Wonder Brown & JustMe
8. She Sings…
9. One Love
10. Stay Hip-Hop
11. A Land Called Ghetto
12. Blue Skies

Release Date: 2007
Label: End of Earth

Similar Artists: Othello, Braille, Scribbling Idiots, Fugees, and Nas.

Change is back with his follow up LP, Same As It Never Was. The same emcee who brought you the debut success Tuesday Mournings in 2005. Change takes a trip back in the Hip-Hop timeline to bring you an album reminiscent of the mid 90's era, often referred to as the golden age of Hip-Hop. With all sample based production handled by JustMe, Clockwork, Anno Domini, and PacoNaut, this LP brings you exactly what's been missing from Hip-Hop as of late. Pure lyricism over banging beats. With guest features from Othello (Lightheaded), Braille (Lightheaded), Wonder Brown (Scribbling Idiots), and JustMe (Scribbling Idiots). This album gives you what you want, and more importantly, what you need.