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Change and Friends - Penny For Your Thoughts (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Check One, Two – featuring BC
2. To the Top – featuring Holmskillet, CAS METAH & Shaw Bihl
3. I Gotta – featuring Sivion & Fred B.
4. Follow – featuring Motion+
5. Lonely People – featuring Kaboose & Sundance
6. Great America? – featuring Praverb
7. Real Talk – featuring Big Rec & YSG-Timothy
8. It’s Hip-Hop – featuring YSG-Timothy & Beconcious (Bonus Track available on CD only)

Release Date: 2006
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: Sphere of Hip-Hop, Change, BC, Bone Circus, Cas Metah, Holmskillet, Sivion, Freddie Bruno, Motion+, Kaboose, Sundance, Praverb, Big Rec, YSG-Timothy, Beconscious.

One day emcee Change had this idea to bring together a bunch of rhymes and beats from some talented folk. Why? He thought it would be cool to help support the work happening here at Sphere of Hip Hop. Joining Change on the mic is a host of rap talent including: YSG-Timothy, Big Rec, Freddie Bruno, Sivion, Motion+, Kaboose, Sundance, Praverb, BC, Cas Metah, Holmskillit and Shaw Bill. The outcome is nothing short of fresh! Listen to the first single Check One Two featuring BC and a special preview mix @ All proceeds benefit the Sphere Fund Drive.