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Cas Metah - Providence Road (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Standin’
2. Heart And Soul featuring Lyriz and MotionPlus
3. Worth Waiting For
4. Journey Journal featuring Lucidity
5. All By And Bye featuring Ruffian and Wonder Brown
6. Crippling featuring R.U.S.H.
7. Only For Love featuring 2-Tone
8. Out Of This World featuring Mellow Drum Addict
9. How I Feel featuring Fred Lynch
10. Rainy Day Perfection featuring JustMe and Deacon The Villain
11. Message In A Bottle featuring Nebula
12. Gifted featuring Holmskillit, Theory Hazit and Tara Kennedy
13. Seasons Change featuring Ruffian, Mouth Warren and T. Kaye
14. Silence Of The Lamb
15. Tattered Soles featuring Ruffian

Release Date: 2007
Label: End of Earth

Similar Artists: Scribbling Idiots, JustMe, Sintax the Terrific, Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown, Mouth Warren, The Remnant

Co-founder of Scribbling Idiots, Cas Metah finally hits listeners with an album worthy to be called a debut full-length. Definately Cas Metah’s most personal outpouring to date, you won’t find any battle raps here, just heart-felt transparency about the good and the bad days. Production credits go to Theory Hazit, MattmaN, Re:Flex the Architect, JustMe, Dust, Vintage, Garlic Brown and Fab da Eclectic.