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BK & Associates - Beatmaker Session 1 (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Welcome to my world
2. Frisky – Sivion of Phat K.A.T.S.
3. Babylon suburbia – Play-Dough of Ill Harmonics
4. What I love – KJ-52
5. Theme music – Mars ILL
6. Rhythm to rhyme – LA Symphony (Pigeon John, Flynn, Sharlok Poems)
7. Where I was – Blake Knight & Paul Meany of Earthsuit
8. Melodic parabolic – Freddie Bruno
9. Blue room – Lojique & Moon
10. What’s real – Tunnel Rats
11. All around the world – MG! The Visionary
12. Not that serious – John Reuben, Scott Bellows, Bustone & Nathan Smart

Release Date: 2002
Label: Uprok Records

Similar Artists: Ill harmonics, Sivion, Phat Kats, Playdough, KJ-52, Mars ILL, L.A. Symphony, Pigeon John, Earthsuit, Mute Math, Freddie Bruno, Lojique, Tunnel Rats, MG! the VIsionary, John Reuben

Quite possibly one of the most slept on albums from 2002, this project is loaded with several excellent tracks and loaded with everyones favorite artists. Features: Sivion, Playdough, KJ-52, Mars ILL, LA Symphony, Tunnel Rats, MG!, John Reuben & more.