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BillyBo - A Little Piece of Home (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. Way Back Home
2. Today
3. One More Mile
4. Chains & Things (ft. reSEARCH & Aaron Paul)
5. Daddy
6. Finding My Way
7. When The Dam Lifts
8. My Lonely Room (ft. Manchild & Phynite)
9. Change In Scene
10. Yesterday
11. The Records That Changed My Life (ft. CAS METAH & Change)
12. One More Mile (Miles Behind)

Release Date: 2009
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: Mars ILL, Listener, Atmosphere, Change, Poetic Chaos, Scribbling Idiots, Phynite, Apollo’s Sun, and positive underground hip-hop.

Since his latest features on the United Vision Mixtape Vol. 1 and DJ Rhino’s Wanted Mixtape, BillyBo has put together his 2nd full-length release.

Wrap your senses with sample-based, funk and folk-infused hip-hop brought to you by Johnny Bishop, as well as a handful of tracks produced by BillyBo himself. Throughout the songs and stories you will encounter a few but familiar guest emcees from some of the best names in underground hip-hop.

As a working man’s emcee, BillyBo brings you a little piece of his home to share stories of struggles and hardships. Some songs are met with bitter endings while others unfold to reveal redemption and true hope. Travel along and experience A Little Piece Of Home.