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Beautiful Eulogy - Instruments of Mercy (MP3)

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Track list

1. Cello From Portland
2. Vital Lens
3. Exile Dial Tone
4. The Size of Sin
5. You Can Save Me (feat. MARZ)
6. Instruments of Mercy (feat. Hello Abigail)
7. Symbols and Signs (feat. Propaganda)
8. Blessed Are the Merciful (feat. Art Azurdia)
9. Release Me From This Snare
10. Organized Religion (feat. Jackie Hill and Eshon Burgundy)
11. According To God (feat. Joseph)
12. Raise the Bridge
13. The Size of Grace
14. Acquired In Heaven (feat. Josh White)

Release Date: October 29, 2013
Label: Humble Beast


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