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Beat Rabbi and Sintax the Terrific - Qoheleth (CD)

Formats available: CD

Track list
1. The Sea is Never Full
2. Hot Pursuit
3. Upward Mobility
4. Giants Provoked
5. Silence of the Qoheleth
6. Stephen Hawking
7. Stillborn
8. Daughters of Eve

Release Date: 2010
Label: Indie

Similar Artists: Beat Rabbi, Deepspace5, Sintax the Terrific

The rumors were true. Beat Rabbi and sintax.the.terrific did a meditation record. It's based on the wisdom literature, Ecclesiastes, or "Qoheleth." Qoheleth means "preacher" or "teacher." It is translated as "ecclesiastes" in our English Bible. Qoheleth is related to a Hebrew verb which implies assembling without regard to purpose.

Rabbi produced this collection of beats years ago with the idea of possibly releasing them as an instrumental record. Later, he approached me about writing a conceptual album around the themes of Ecclesiastes. We finished the initial recording, but somewhere along the way, between family, work, and 10 other projects between us, some of the finishing touches never happened. No serious mix or master. No cuts. But the spirit of the original idea was worth sharing. My homeboy fienix hand painted a cover and completed the fresh artwork. We just thought people might prefer to have a sincere, but less than complete, work, over nothing at all.

So, here it is. The goal was to create a meditative piece with open instrumental spaces for contemplation and prayer. I hope it’s taken in that regard. We've associated the songs with the scripture they derive from. God bless you all. Pursuit of experience with the Divine is our most important posture.


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