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4th Avenue Jones - No Plan B (MP3)

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Track list
1. 1, 2, 3
2. Rules of the Game
3. What Goes Up
4. Fishmouth Does Smokey (interlude)
5. Hard Times
6. Betcha Bye
7. I Know
8. Truth or Dare (feat. Pigeon John)
9. Fantasy Is Reality
10. Fishmouth Does Othello (interlude)
11. Can't Trust Em
12. Move the Crowd
13. Back in the Day part 2 (Brand New Memories)
14. Main Event
15. All I Have
16. 4th Avenue (interlude)
17. Last Night
18. No Plan B

Release Date: 2000
Label: Look Alive


Customer Reviews

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Wozza 6 years ago

I first bought "Stereo: evolution ..." then always longed for some of their older stuff. Thank you SoHH!!! This is better than Stereo in my books!! love the mellow grooves, the harmonies, the hip hop, the real life faith lyrics. Love it!!