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116 Clique - 13 Letters (Expanded Edition CD)

Formats available: CD/DVD combo

Track list
1. Begin with the End featuring Lecrae
2. Dig In featuring Trip Lee
3. Gospel Music (Romans) featuring Shai Linne
4. Break it Down (1 Corinthians) featuring Lecrae
5. This is my Heart (2 Corinthians) featuring Sho
6. Justified (Galatians) featuring Sho
7. My City (Ephesians) featuring Flame
8. To Live is Christ (Philippians) featuring Trip Lee
9. Let No Man (Colossians) featuring JSon
10. Keep the Faith (1 Thessalonians) featuring Tedashii
11. Stand Strong (2 Thessalonians) featuring Tedashii
12. Instructions (1 Timothy) featuring 1-Lyfe

13. Its Yours (2 Timothy) featuring Lecrae

14. Sound (Titus) featuring Trip Lee
15. Take Em Back (Philemon) featuring Dillon Chase
16. Get Loose featuring Trip Lee
17. Evolution featuring Sho
18. Carry Mine featuring Tedashii

Release Date: 2007
Label: Reach Records

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