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$1 CD Sale

In honor of our 20th Birthday (March 1, 2017), we're doing something extra special. For a limited time, get up to 10 or a 25 CD pack for only $1 each plus shipping. Tell a friend & use the share buttons!

Why are we doing this?
Because we're awesome. For real... Consider this a "thank you" for supporting our site. Whether you just learned about us or have been a fan since we started in 1997, we're thankful you're a fan! Please spread the word and get your friends involved. We'd love to spread the love of $1 CDs to them as well.

Add up to 10 of this item to your shopping cart, check out and pay. Easy stuff. Limit of 10 per person. You're always welcome to include additional items in your order.

What artists are included?
Alex Faith, Ambassador, Andy Mineo, B. Cooper, Bobby Bishop, Braille, Canon, Cas Metah, Chad Jones, Christon Gray, CookBook & Uno Mas, Cross Movement, Da Truth, Deepspace5, Deraj, Derek Minor, Dre Murray, FLAME, Flynn Adam, Freddie Bruno, GRITS, Hazakim, ill harmonics, Japhia Life, John Reuben, Json, Jurny Big, JustMe, k-Drama, KJ-52, L.A. Symphony, Lecrae, Listener, Lojique, LPG, Mars ILL, MG! the Visionary, muzeONE, New Breed, Night Owls, Othello, Peace 586, Pettidee, Phanatik, Playdough, Propaganda, R-Swift, Raphi, Rawsrvnt, Rhema Soul, Sareem Poems, Scribbling Idiots, Sev Statik, Shai Linne, Sho Baraka, Sintax the Terrific, Sivion, Sojourn, Soup the Chemist, Sundance, Swoope, Tedashii, theBREAX, Theory Hazit, Thi'sl, Timothy Brindle, Tony Tillman, Trip Lee, Tunnel Rats, Urban D, Wes Pendleton, Willie Will, WLAK, and many others.

How many 1 Dollar CDs can I order?
There is a strict limit of TEN per customer. We'd encourage you to order the full TEN allowed!

Can I pick what I want?
Music is chosen at random. We're taking one for the team in letting these go for only a dollar each. In many cases the CDs cost us $7-10 each when we purchased them at wholesale.

If you're particularly particular... when placing your order, leave us a note with a list of your favorite 5-10 artists or your favorite record labels. We'll do our very best to pick out music that is close to something listed in your favorites. Either way... we're hooking you up!

How much is shipping?
Within the USA, shipping runs about $3.00 for a single CD. Five should be around $9 depending upon what shipping method you choose and where you live. Ten runs about $12-15.

Outside the USA, shipping does vary by country. You'll pay less per CD by ordering the full TEN allowed.

We charge exactly what it costs us to post it out to you.


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