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1 Cent CD Sale

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1 Cent for a CD!

The details and answers to your questions...

Why are we doing this?
Because we're awesome. For real... Consider this a "thank you" for supporting our site. Whether you just learned about us or have been a fan since we started in 1997, we're thankful you're a fan!

How does it work?
Add this item to your shopping cart, check out and pay. Easy stuff. Limit of 1 per person. You're certainly welcome to include additional items in your order.

PLUS you will receive an instant MP3 Download item! Upon completion of your order, look for an email with the download details. We hope you'll consider shopping for more music downloads with us in the future.

What artists music is included in the 1 Cent CD Sale?
Ajax Starglider, Ambassador, Bobby Bishop, Braille, Cas Metah, CookBook & Uno Mas, Cross Movement, Da Truth, Deepspace5, FLAME, Flynn Adam, Freddie Bruno, GRITS, ill harmonics, John Reuben, Json, Jurny Big, JustMe, k-Drama, KJ-52, L.A. Symphony, Lecrae, Listener, Lojique, LPG, Mars ILL, MG! the Visionary, muzeONE, New Breed, Night Owls, Othello, Peace 586, Pettidee, Phanatik, Playdough, PRo, The Procussions, Propaganda, Raphi, Rawsrvnt, Rhema Soul, Sareem Poems, Scribbling Idiots, Sev Statik, Shai Linne, Sho Baraka, Sintax the Terrific, Sivion, Soup the Chemist, Tedashii, theBREAX, Theory Hazit, Thi'sl, Trip Lee, Tunnel Rats, Underground Rise, Urban D, Willie Will and many others.

How many 1 Cent CDs can I order?
There is a strict limit of one per customer. Uno. Un. Eins. Ena. Just one per person. We're gonna hook up every 10th order with another CD at no extra cost. If you're that person, your mind will be blown when you open the package to see two. Booya! If you request more than one, we can only promise one. Limit one per person please. Thanks.

Can I pick what I want?
It's all chosen at random. We're taking one for the team in letting these go for only a penny. In some cases the CDs cost us upwards of $8-9 each when we buy them wholesale. If you're particularly finicky... when placing your order, leave us a note with a list of your favorite 5-10 artists. We'll do our very best to pick out a CD that is close to something listed in your favorites. Either way... we're hooking you up with the niceness!

How much is shipping?
Within the USA shipping will be approximately $2.50 for the 1 Cent CD. Outside the USA it will vary by country. We charge exactly what it costs us to post it to you. We're keeping that penny though.

Can I tell my friends about this?
Watch this video for the answer to your question.

Please do! Share the good word online about Sphere of Hip-Hop and this 1 Cent CD deal (Facebook, Twitter etc). 797 people have gotten the hook up on this deal already.

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