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We've received loads of customer feedback responses over the years and have decided to start sharing them with you.

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Customer Testimonials and Feedback

"Thanks a lot for your email. It's nice to see people doing really good job! Again, Thank You. I love Sphere of Hip-Hop since my first visit (few years ago), but this was first order from SOHH by myself. I already ordered some CDs via friends who live in US (they gave me them, when they visited Slovakia (country where I'm from)). But I still listen to those CDs. So, I will always recommend your store to all my hip-hop lovin' friends.. You can bet! ;)" - Martin P.

"Thank you for the items... and extremely fast delivery.  I received the package yesterday.  Wow!  2 days from the day I placed the order.  Above and beyond as always; customer service is alive!" - Ryan G.

"Amazing customer service guys! thanks!" - Robert G.

"First time online shopping at Sphere of Hip Hop and it was a great experience." - Josh S.

"Got the CD today, thanks a lot for the fast shipping!" - Konny in Norway

"You guys are the best! Not one but 3 CDs?!! Extra stickers! Dope! You'll definitely be getting my bizness in the near future. Plus it got here madd kwik! Unlike any other!! Peace!" - Mike

"You stock nearly everything I've been looking for, simply amazing. Keep serving this small but explosive demographic of the kingdom my friend!" - Rajan N.

"DUDE!  I got my order in the mail.  You totally hooked me up!  I can't thank-you enough.  Amidst the killer line up in my order you added a free CD - apparently out of the kindness and generosity of your heart!  Too awesome!  It was the most pleasant surprise!  Thanks for taking the time to take such good care of me.  I've been working on spreading the word. Thanks for all you do! One can NEVER go wrong w/SOHH!" - Brent H.

"Thanks again for all your help bro, I really appreciate the sound customer service you display. Its nice to deal with a real person who understands what it takes to retain customers. I will do my best to spread the word about the site...I wish you all the best in the new year man. Here's to more TRUE Hip Hop flooding the industry and drowning all that clown crap on the radio waves." - Ryan B

"I got the CDs at my place this morning, thank you very much for the added effort on your part!! I wish things didn't get lost in the mail, just makes me worry about rent checks and the like… I'm excited to check them all out, I love what Sphere is doing, I'll refer people to the site in every opportunity that arises, for those who want good hip-hop!" - Robb S.

"I shall eagerly await for the next message from you containing the downloads, while equally as eagerly awaiting my package in the mailbox.  Look forward to doing business with you very soon, and more so on a regular basis. God bless." - Darren S.

"Thank you for letting me know about my order. I would also like to take the time to tell you how much I like your website. You guys do an awesome job. I love the fact that their are alot of poeple around the world that support you guys to get the gospel out." - Michael R.

"Sphere of Hip Hop is the most excellent website for Christian Hip Hop. Quality music for the listeners, decent messages for the ears and trustworthy to the customers. A real treasure for the Hip Hop heads." - Daniel W.

"Thanks for being so helpful. You always have our business. Thanks for being so dedicated to your customers." - Affton H.

"Thanks for the ultra quick response… even on Christmas. It's service like that, that keeps me coming back to your store (and the fresh music)." - Rick O.

"I really appreciate you throwing in the extra CD's. Got married a couple years back and I don't have near the dough I used to have to spend on music. I felt the music I already bought was at a great deal and the $1.49 for shipping is amazing. For you to throw in the extra CD's was a true blessing. I don't have money to get music all the time, but when I do I'm going to the Sphere. Appreciate the ministry bro. If you're ever in Cincy send me a shout and let's get down. Much love." - Bryan K.

"Thanks Josh for your great help with my order!" - David J.

"I got my box yesterday. Your site is the only site I can get most of those artist, so I thank you for your site being around. I hope you keep it up. Once again thank you." - Robert C.

"I wanted personally thank you for rushing that Zane CD to me. I got it today (3/7/09) and I am very excited and pleased! Thank you and God Bless you! I truly hope your store and your site will continue to flourish!" - Andrew C.

"Josh thanks for making Sphere an outlet for us. I know that it's been rough on you over the years doing what you do and from some of the posts I've read. God has you and your family in his hands. I just want to encourage you. The last shall be first my freind. God knows your heart and what your doing. I truly believe that, and it's a good work that you've devoted your heart and time to." - Damon S.

"I prefer since it has the kind of hip-hop I'm looking for and the service is of good standard compared to others." - Michael B.

"My order arrived yesterday and as always its a pleasure doing business with Sphere. I was surprised to see the free CD thrown in. Thank you very much. Its things like that as well as the great service that keep me coming back to Sphere." - Terry S.

"As always thank you so much for providing awesome music and may God continue to bless you." - Gabe R.

"I just want to say thanks for the great music I have gotten from Sphere of Hip-Hop. I have truly enjoyed it. When I order from you guys it gets here fast. I hope to continue dealing with you guys. I will keep you in my prayers." - Terry

"SOHH is a very strong shop, with very good artists and great sounds. Mega peace. I've followed the site from the beginning." - Yann from Switzerland

"You have great shipping. While I was living in Finland (I have been in the States for 1 and 1/2 years now), I ordered CD's several times, and they were always on time, well packed and contained some neat hip-hop material. And the shipping is even better here in the States." - Markus S.

"I just received my discs today - never thought it was possible to get fresh hip-hop on release date in South Africa! I wanted to thank you and wish Sphere of Hip-Hop well. It's such an amazing blessing and I am seriously, seriously impressed. I would have paid R400 to get Solus Christus project shipped over 3 months, now it took me 1 week at just over cost price! I will do my absolute best to spread word of your website/ministry to all I know and you can be assured that I will make use of your site again. Hopefully you will have many more customers in South Africa soon and we can start buying in bulk - HHH is so needed on our campuses. Thank you for the free CD, I really enjoy the stuff I've previously heard from the Scribbling Idiots. Blessings!" - Ashley (South Africa)

"Thanks for the free downloads Josh. Love your website bro, keep it up!" - Josh G.

"Sphere of Hip Hop rocks! Let the whole world know!" - John B.

"The Sphere of Hip-Hop has been an incredible blessing to the movement and a conduit to a spirit driven hip-hop community." - Ken A.

"Thanks for the great customer service!" - Dustin L.

"Sphere of Hip-Hop has a lot of great hip-hop CDs." - John F.

"You guys do an exceptional job and I will continue what I can to support you." - Darrin A.

"Every time I've ordered from Sphere I've always received my packages quicker than I would've ever expected. Plastic is a true servant at heart and it shows in his striving for excellence in customer service. Plastic for President." - Chris J.

"Thanks Josh. I appreciate good customer service and you will be seeing a lot more of me. I heard a lot of good music I would like to pick up. Thanks again" - Rob R.

"Love your website! Some of the music I cannot find in stores and they don't play it on the radio around here. Keep up the good work!" - Steve D.

"Thanks. I appreciate Sphere of Hip-Hop and the effort you guys put forth. It's always a spot I come to buy music." - Matt S.

"Good site and love the initiative." - Israel L.

"Yo, that was the coolest thing that you could've done for me. I've been spreading the word to all of my friends about your site and will definately buy from you guys over anyone else. Thanks and God bless." Jered H.

"Thanks! Keep up the good work!" - Patrick L.

"Thanks! I appreciate the work being done by you and your team. It is refreshing to listen to the hearts of all these brothers. Also, they are turning out to make good gifts for friends and family. Have a Blessed one." - Wences Z.

"Thanks and keep up the great work!" - Thomas J.

"Josh, I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work ya do to bring these dope tunez to all our ears! Keep up the great work!" - Fred B.

"My music came pretty quick, I was impressed." - Juan C.

"I appreciate what you are doing with SOHH and for providing a way for people around the world to support good quality Christian hip-hop. I've come across music that I wouldn't have picked up on if it wasn't for the Sphere! Much respect to what you are doing. Also the speed of delivery on my orders is always impressive." - Nana A.

"You can definitely expect future orders from me." - Gary A.

"I just wanted to get in touch and say thank you for your service regarding an my order of wax I placed with you. I ordered it on a Saturday (Australian time) and the records had arrived on the following Thursday. I was amazed that they would come so fast." - Andrew L.

"Thanks for the help with my order and keep up the solid work." - Shawn F.

"Just want you to know that I am praying for what you and your family and Sphere of Hip-Hop. God has already used you to bless me in my life. Be encouraged that you're truly blessing people… even all the way over in tiny northern Ireland." - Stuart N.

"Thanks a lot. I look forward to receiving those CD's. You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work! God Bless." - Charles E.

"I appreciate what you're doing. You and the staff at have my utmost respect!" - Damon D.

"You've been hooking stuff up for me for the past 7 or so years and you have done a killer job at it. You do a very good job at what you do. Keep doing it well." - Mike G.

"Keep on puttin' out good hip hop." - Lucas Y.

"Ya'll are awesome! You always take care of your customers and that's why I keep coming back. Ya'll stay up." - Shaun

"Thanks for continually offering fresh raps and fresh service and rectifying situations even when you did all you could and something didn't work out and it wasn't even your fault. You rock!" - Elliott S.

"I just wanted to say thanks for the site's support. It is so nice to see a company that cares about its customers and I am glad I do my business with you guys. Keep it up!" - Zach A.

"Keep doin what youre doin 'cause youre doin it right! Mad love and prayers." - Juan G.

"I feel like saying Sphere of Hip Hop is amazing. It's probably my favorite website on the entire internet!" - S.D.

"Thanks for offering such great releases, I love the selection you have here. You and your staff make so many great true hip-hop albums accessible that otherwise would not have been if not for you guys. Thanks a lot. One." - Calvin M.

"By the way… big ups on your site and great range of products. peace and GOD bless" - Edward S.

"Thank you so much. Who'd have thought a selling company could be so kind and considerate! Not only do you give personal responses, but give free stuff for things which aren't even your fault! Wow. God bless!" - Toby F.

"You guys are the bomb! Blessings to ya!" - Wayne L.

"You guys rock." - Jason C.

"Love the web site and the artists you carry and support on here." - Josh G.

"I received my order on Monday. Considering I ordered it on Friday, that was the fastest shipping I've ever seen. I love it! Keep up the good work." - Otis L.

"I appreciate all the effort you put in and I'm stoked that Sphere of Hip Hop has that kind of concern for its customers." - Tyler W.

"Thank you for a swift response. I pray that God continues to prosper you and the web site, thank you for taking up the call and spreading the gospel through music, you have a great thing going on here and I do plan to contribute more in the future. May God continue to shine his grace upon you and everyone involved with the web site, you all are in my prayers and my youth group prayers. God Bless you and Keep you." - David H.

"Sphere of Hip Hop is a place where you go to get great Hip Hop music that edifies the soul." - Christian O.

"I appreciate what you and everyone affiliated with Sphere do!! SHH has turned me on to all of the hip/hop I listen to. I just can't get behind anything that's floating in the mainstream. Stay Up!" - Brandon M.

"I love your site… thanks for providing good Christ influenced hip-hop" - Rob S.

"Thank you for giving us the hotness! You fill a great need and I hope you blow up." - Tommy J.

"The store looks fantastic." - Tim L.

"Thank you for what you do and God bless." - DeAndre' V.

"Josh, I just wanted to say thanks. I know sometimes you get so busy and things pile up and stuff, and you might not realize how much of a blessing you are, but man, I thank God for you." - Peter K.

"Your efforts don't go unnoticed, by me or the Lord. You are greatly appreciated for all that you do." - Daniel C.

"Appreciate what you guys are doing. Shalom and blessings." - Dewayne T.

"Hope you all know your music selections keep my son going in a great way. Thanks!" - Keith B.

"Hi Josh. I wanted to let you know that my CD's came in today, and WOW that was a lot of CD's for 50 bucks! Any way, I know that you have had a hectic time with the music and what not… just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you do with Sphere. It has helped me and it has allowed me to introduce some kids to our genre of hip-hop. Stay blessed!" - Joaquin G.

"I really appreciate the work you do for the Christian hip-hop scene! May God bless you in all ways!" - Nicholas B.

"I'd rather support you than one of those big box stores." - Greg Q.

"I greatly appreciate what you guys do at" - Daniel A.

"The shipping process is always great with your store, the CD always arrive faster than any other online store I've tried." - Mariusz J.